18 January 2010

Red coats & Barbie

I've got red coats on my mind today, firstly because it seriously feels like winter here today at 18 degrees (!) even though it's the middle of Summer. And mainly because I'm working on a sample for my Autumn/Winter 2010 collection...a red wool coat in a sixties inspired cut, though it's not as flared as the gorgeous coat barbie is wearing in this pic. I'm really excited about the coat, the sample has come together without too much drama and it's the first time I've done a coat for my label. Stay tuned for some sneak peak pics of the new collection over the next few weeks.

The matter of Barbie...At the age of 22 I still have a love for Barbie (I'm pretty sure this is quite common though?) My first foray into fashion would have been with Barbie as I'm sure is the case for most girls, doing Barbies hair, changing outfits and playing with the colour change make up is what I remember. I'm sure this has had an influence on my love for fashion today, and with Barbies 50 year history I can always turn to her to see fashions changing faces over the years. Sadly my mum got rid of all my Barbies when I thought I was too cool for them as a pre teen. Someday I want to start collecting and have a dedicated pink Barbie room with shabby chic furniture and a huge sunny window. Ok enough of Barbie and time to get back to the real world!


  1. I still love Barbie! One of my favourite books is a book where famous designers frock up Barbie in couture creations-she is our Style Leader!

  2. Oh what is the title of this wonderful book Faux Fuchsia? I must add it to my list along with the Jackie Kennedy book you posted about in your blog. I will happily follow Barbie as a stlye leader with you!