26 March 2010


I just adore ruffles and particularly in the extreme amount, but I think there was a bit of a ruffle overload a while back and I went off them a little, this picutre has certainly rekindled my love of the girly frou frou-ness of ruffles. Oh how I would love a coat? like this to dress up in for Winter, if only I had the time to make one, but tiered ruffles take soooo much time to cut and sew.

Elio Berhanyer dress, image by Sharok Hatami 1965

17 March 2010

New Autumn pieces...finally!

I finally got the shoot for the Autumn collection done after two cancellations, I'm fnalising all the images over the next couple of days...so more to come soon!

11 March 2010

Sale time!

Sales don't happen all that often around here, but it's time for the end of season sale, many pieces from the Spring/Summer 09/10 collection 'Flying High' are on sale in the boutique at http://www.kristahochwallner.com.au/ at up to 50% off.  

09 March 2010

and just a bit of fun...

These cheesy pin-up style pictures always brighten my day, I just love them!
image by William Medcalf

All dressed up and nowhere to go...

Well that's what it kind on feels like with my Autumn/Winter collection at the moment. It's all done and ready for the photoshoot but it's just not happening! Photoshoot day is my favorite but this one has been delayed a couple of times now due to un-reliable people, so frustrating. The last couple I did had no problems and went as planned with some wonderful people to work with, perhaps I was just lucky on those. Fingers crossed the shoot will be complete by the end of this week, meanwhile here's some of the garments on the rack just waiting to come to life. Oh also a couple of weeks ago I posted about my quest to find vintage inspired hats for the photoshoot, well I ended up making a couple instead and they will be for sale as part of the collection, I'm so excited about this new addition and can't wait to share!

01 March 2010

Autumn & ankle boots

First day of Autumn today and it sure felt like it this morning!
I'm always captivated by images of a tree lined road in Autumn, there's something about the beautiful colored leaves and touching branches framing the road that captivate me. I would just love to live on a road like this and get to travel down it everyday, it's like a beautiful path home in a fairytale......
And the perfect shoes to walk that road....I'm looking for some ankle boots for this Autumn/Winter, these are a few styles that I like but now need to find in Australia within my budget!
Red boots: Christian Louboutin from barneys.com
Pink boots: Joie from shopbop.com
Ivory boots: Boutique 9 from endless.com