26 March 2010


I just adore ruffles and particularly in the extreme amount, but I think there was a bit of a ruffle overload a while back and I went off them a little, this picutre has certainly rekindled my love of the girly frou frou-ness of ruffles. Oh how I would love a coat? like this to dress up in for Winter, if only I had the time to make one, but tiered ruffles take soooo much time to cut and sew.

Elio Berhanyer dress, image by Sharok Hatami 1965


  1. This is one amazing coat - thank you for sharing this photo! I'm love ruffles, but am always too scared to wear them in case I look like a cream puff! Happy Friday :)

  2. Mae your cream puff comment made me laugh :) I've never thought of that, but I wouldn't be scared of it.

  3. The models hair, the coat, the setting = pure glamour. Stunning photo. Your blog is beautiful - just love it.

    Also, I've just looked at your favourite blog list! The world I've been missing out on. Have a few more blogs to follow now I think ;)

  4. Well thats a little poofy for me but still romantic

  5. That is so beautiful!

    I really like your blog - have a look at mine if you'd like...


    x x x

  6. Hehe, there certainly is no shortage of ruffles on that dress.
    Scrolled down to your "me on Sunday" post, that is such a beautiful photograph of you, dont know why you are so stingy with pics of yourself, but I really loved that pic. :-)

    You have a lovely blog, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

    Hope your week will be fabulous.

  7. Absolutely stunning. I just found your blog and it's fabulous!