24 September 2010

Valentino Retrospective...Fabulous!

I was so excited to go to the Valentino Retrospective in Brisbane recently.. over one hundred dresses on display from one of my favourite designers and the chance to see them up close was just amazing! What I loved most was seeing all the details up close like beading, ruffles and work that could only be done by hand. You just can't see the real beauty of these things in a picture, I was dyeing to have a look at the inside of those dresses to see the construction, while I love design I also love the construction side of fashion just as much. What I also enjoyed was seeing pieces that were from 1960's collections that are just as relevant and fashionable today as well as some great history there with Jacqui O's wedding ensemble, complete with a ladder in the stockings.

Whilst I didn't get to take any pictures at the exhibition as I forgot to pack my camera for the trip to Brisbane and I'm not sure that photos were allowed in there anyway, I did buy the book on the way out which shows all of the garments from the collection, so here's just a few of my favourites...