10 May 2010

Vintage luggage

I've had a slight obsession with Vintage luggage lately, I think it started with looking for the perfect piece to use in a photoshoot (never found). I've come across many inspirational images on the internet of luggage being used creatively as home decor but I actually want it to use as functional luggage. So I don't think the true vintage kind would be suitable to stand up to whatever happens to our checked luggage, I'm seeking something brand new that looks vintage, I've found a few but nothing that strikes the perfect balance between modern does vintage. I shall keep hunting...

02 May 2010

Hair and make up

I just loved the hair and make up from the Winter shoot so much I thought I'd share a couple of closeups. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :) Oh also everything is online now, I won't swamp you here with ALL the pics from the collection so check them out here