26 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia day! I thought I'd take a step back in Australias history and find something glamorous, I came across the Miss Australia competition archives. The competition was introduced in 1908 by a magazine to 'find Australias prettiest lady' (and to boost the magazines circulation), it had many re-inventions over the years and one re-launch happened in 1945 with a new role as a fundraising event for various war charities. It also came with the intention of the crowned Miss Australia to promote Australia abroad 'with her trim figure dressed in Australian wool, our greatest product'
This image is from 1947, the year of Dior's new look, though I don't know how soon the new look of the big skirt created with metres and metres of fabric reached Australia as fashion certainly didn't move as quickly back then and we weren't inundated with knock offs made in china. This brings me to thinking about the depleting amount of Australian made fashion and the abundance of Made in China, but I shall save that discussion for another day and leave today as a relaxing one and to celebrate all that is great in Australia.

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