22 January 2010

Just a few favorites...

So we're all sure to have seen some form of a best/worst dressed list from the Golden Globes this week, while I haven't trawled through every red carpet picture, from what I have seen there hasn't been any standout 'I just love' dresses. Though it did remind me of this gorgeous dress from one of my all time favorite designers Elie Saab. It's from the Summer 2006 Haute Couture collection and I just love everything about it, the shape, the detailing but I think it's the colour that has kept this one in my mind for the last few years.

And a couple more of my favorite pieces by the master Elie Saab...

Summer 2009 Haute Couture
The pleating in the skirt and the detailing on the jacket are just perfect on this classic shape.

Autumn Winter 09/10 Haute Couture
This collection is full of white/ivory with the clever use of textures being the feature. (Can't wait to wear white stockings like these this Winter!)
all images by Marcio Madeira for vogue


  1. You have such good taste. These are stunning.

  2. Ah yes, I think anything Elie Saab is stunning!

  3. wow - I am in love with every single piece here! So pretty and feminine :) Oh and I just checked out your designs - SO BEAUTIFUL! Shooting you through an email now :)