07 June 2010

Back to it!

Wow I just realised it's nearly been a month since my last post - that month feels like only a week. As usual it's super busy around here, among everything I've been planning my next collection. I watched The Notebook around the time I began the collection and was inspired by the gorgeous 1940's fashion in the movie (that was only a couple of weeks ago and the first time I have ever seen the movie, I'm a little behind on that one haha) . I've done a bit more research into the era which is one that I had never really explored much before and was surprised at how much of it really translates to today. Particularly the outfit in the below Revlon ad, this is not the sort of thing I would have associated with 1940's fashion and I just think it looks so classic yet like our modern version of classic. I still haven't completely decided on the theme of the collection, I'm so indecisive so it could completely change!


  1. Oh, I love The Notebook! Glad you're back!

  2. glad your back, just found your blog and really love it <3


  3. I miss the days when glamour was something taken seriously and not thrown together just cause it costs money