16 April 2010

Red, bows, organza and Hayley Mills

Keeping it short and sweet today, a few images I have saved under 'red' in my favorites.

I so want shoes like these with the bows around the ankles, I think they might have been quite popular a couple of years ago, anyone know where I can get some now? mynewshoes by kuhkay on deviantart.com

Cherry skirt and Scarlet top from my 'ROUGE' collection (available online now)

Love the hat, love the car, love the model and overall composition of the image, source unknown

Gorgeous red organza ruffles and bow, looks so fun LOVE! source unknown

Hayley Mills all grown up - the only way I remember Hayley Mills is in Pollyanna, one of my favorite movies as a child, I always remember the scene with all the crystals strung up shining in the sun and making the pretty reflection on the wall, anyone else remember that?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I'm looking forward to it as it's supposed to be sunny and fairly warm here : ) Tomorrow I'll be finalising some pieces and set for the next photoshoot and Sunday going to a beauty fair with a friend who's studying beauty therapy, should be a day of pure girliness!


  1. Oh I adore red - it's my favourite colour.... These images are beautiful. Love the last picture of Hayley Mills!! Stunning; but I've never seen Pollyanna :( so ashamed. I've read the book but never seen the movie. Enjoy your weekend, sounds like it will be lovely!

  2. Amazing, I love the red! I think you can diy the shoes pretty easily, attach some ribbon to a pair of plain red flats? O: cute! I did that once with a pair of dodgy flats I had, but I don't really recommend my method since it kind of ruins the shoes. I ...hole-punch'd them and threaded a ribbon through...hey, it worked! :D

  3. Hayley Mills looks so chic and lovely! I've never seen grown-up photos of her before!

  4. The Divas Polish - red is my favourite colour too, if you couldn't already tell :)

    Sallyannie - I was thinking of doing a DIY pair and attaching the ribbon myself, I could easily sew it on I think.

    Heather Taylor - She is gorgeous grown up isn't she!

  5. Ah gorgeous! love the colour and love the bows so much x Sushi