15 February 2010

Then & Now: hair inspiration

As I've never failed to state I just adore the 1950's and 60's fashion and take a great deal of inspiration from the era, the one thing I struggle with though is the hairstyles. They look oh so glamorous in the pictures but I find it hard to translate them to a modern look. I fnd there are many dresses that I could easily pull out of a vintage fashion photo and wear today without changing a thing (hence the popularity of vintage these days I guess) but the hairstyles I just can not do - they seem to require alot of time and effort (something I lack when it comes to my hair) and on the odd occasion that I have tried they just don't suit me, and it doesn't help having long thick hair which is not at all suited for true vintage styles. I do however find inspiration from Taylor Swift, love her or dislike her she does often have a great updo, classic and glamorous with a hint of vintage that never looks overdone and she still looks young and fresh.
Where do you get your hair inspiration from?
image 1: simplicity pattern book 1957


  1. Your blog is so lovely!
    and your collections are stunning! :)
    i love taylor swift and the way she styles her hair! :D

  2. thanks for visiting and following my blog, lovee! :D

  3. i agree with you. it's can be very difficult to make 50's and 60's hairstyles look modern, but the fashion is fabulous! lovely blog!


  4. agreed. when i was younger, my mother used to actually set my hair in the old school style sometimes. wish i had appreciated the intricacy of it all then!