08 February 2010

Seeking vintage hats

When I first saw this gorgeous picture my first thought was a post titled 'Gossip'....umm but I don't have any.
So what I'm actually posting about is vintage or vintage inspired hats for Winter. I've never really worn hats other than to the races, but in going through all my favorite classic fashion pictures it's reminded me that back in the days of glamour hats were an important everyday accessory and were the perfect accessory to top off an outfit. It's provided me with a bit of inspiration for styling the photoshoot for my Winter collection and I also plan to add some cute millinery to my wardrobe this Winter. Below are a few of the many styles I have on my favorites list, I found most of these on Etsy (both vintage and handmade) but they are all from the US, I'm all for supporting Aussie designers so I would just love to find an Australian designer to buy from, does anyone know of one with a great array of vintage inspired headpieces?


  1. Love this image...gorgeous hats! Ax

  2. Hi Krista...found your blog through Oliveaux...Im not sure where you are located in Aus..but there is a store in Sydney that specialises in vintage hats..and other fashion accessories... called Sandie Bizys Studio..
    Perhaps if you contact them ..they may be able to give you a lead..or name of supplier? Hope this helps some :)

    Anna x


  3. Thanks so much for your recommendation Anna, I really appreciate it. I just had a look at Sandie Bizys website, looks like there is some wonderful stuff, shame I can't buy on there but I will contact them to see what I can get.

    Just checked out your blog too, a great collection of beautiful interior images - it inspires me to do more around my own home.

    Oliveaux - your blog is what started my interest in beautiful interiors, thanks!

  4. Your welcome Krista...will still keep an ear and eye out for you.
    Also gave your blog an mention on my post today..hope you dont mind? it just so lovely..that I thought I would share the love ;) have a great day. Anna x

  5. Hats are an abosolute throwback to the glamourous days....I love them!

  6. Krista...this is a great site for inspiration...and has a section on hats alone :)


  7. Anna - myvintagevogue is definitely one of my favorite websites for inspiration but I forgot they have a hats section, thanks!

    Nookie - the bow beanie is one of my favorites too :)

  8. Gorgeous hats! I want some for winter, and would love to find some here in Aus.

  9. goodness, you have good taste in hats. i'm intrigued by the top middle red hat.


  10. I love that top pic - too gorgeous!
    I'm a big headwear fan too and I'm also already pondering what to buy for this winter :)

    BTW your beautiful baby Bella from the post below is beyond cute <3

    <3 xxx

  11. Such a beautiful photograph.

    My favourite Aussie milliner is Phillip Rhodes, he's Melbourne-based and does very feminine, vintage-inspired headpieces. I have worn his hats/fascinators to Melbourne Cup for four years running:


    With your talents, perhaps you should branch out into millinery?


  12. unebellefille - Philip Rhodes collections look divine for races/occasion wear, saved to my favorites, thankyou!
    I would love to branch out into millinery, it's something I've been thinking about off and on, I just need to find the time to learn the skills (it could be on the radar for inclusion in next Spring's collection)

    Dirty hair studio - I find the top middle hat intriguing as well, if only I could find something like it!

    Esme and the Laneway & PB - I will post my findings from my search in Australia, and I'd love to see yours too!

  13. Great blog! I am excited to follow.

  14. ooh pretty vintage hats! can't wait to see vintage hats incorporated into your winter collection. oh! and remember, your gonna need pretty circular hat boxes for them. =D


  15. ooh what a fabulous picture!
    I never really wear hats either, but always admire them on others.
    love this selection of vintage hats